SEWAFRICA Training Centre was founded to meet the specific needs of the clothing industry in inner city Johannesburg. Currently, the industry is evenly split between the formal sector and the informal sector, which includes micro and small businesses. The training centre aims to target both sectors, offering courses that will benefit all individuals and companies in the Clothing Industry.

SEWAFRICA is an integral part of a bigger initiative to create employment and develop the informal clothing manufacturers in the inner city of Johannesburg. SEWAFRICA is situated in the heart of the newly declared Fashion District in Johannesburg.

  The Mission of SEWAFRICA is to provide the opportunity for development and training in the clothing industry that will enable individuals in the informal sector of the Clothing Industry to receive training towards National Qualifications that will facilitate the creation of wealth and employment as a major contributor to the revitalization of the Inner City. In addition, SEWAFRICA aims to meet the training and development needs of the formal sector of the Clothing Industry and thereby promote the advance the Clothing Industry and skills development in Johannesburg.

The centre has been accredited by the City and Guilds since its inception in 2002 offering international accreditation and providing advanced certificates in both Clothing and Design and Interior Design. In addition SEWAFRICA has been offering Department of Labour courses in Schoolwear, Embroidery, Garment Construction, Patternmaking and Interior Design. The most recent development was when SEWAFRICA became one of the first Gauteng training centres to be accredited by the CTFL SETA and as part of a joint initiative are offering learnerships at National Qualification Framework (NQF) level 1 and 2.

SEWAFRICA is housed in SEWAFRICA House at 136 Pritchard Street - a focal point within the Johannesburg Inner City Fashion District that will become the nucleus of the creation and promotion of potential African designers.

The colours utilised in the building were taken from the South African Flag, an acknowledgment that it is the 'African' in each of the resident designers that will allow South African Designers to compete internationally in the fashion arena. SEWAFRICA is not looking at developing designers who can create Italian designs for South Africans but rather to develop African designers who will draw from within themselves, their own experiences, their own cultures and their own soul and will create African designs for the world.

The two blue floors house the SEWAFRICA Training Centre offering skills that will serve as an entrance into the world of Fashion Design. SEWAFRICA's role is to provide talented students with solid practical foundation skills and create a platform for the discovery and development of exceptional raw talent.

Many students will start their own businesses from home or join the many networks in and around the city. Some of the graduates will continue onto Technikons, where lecturers will take the students on a journey of personal and professional development.

SEWAFRICA joins the government in their vision and are embracing the opportunity to offer learnerships and understand that we are all part of a global economy and are willing to meet the need to provide training that will increase skills within the country so as to improve productivity and the competitiveness of South Africa's clothing industry.